Zeonic-Corps English Translation: File 01- Gundam Astraea
This is posted here for roleplaying reference. I did not and will never claim to have translated this myself. I only redid the html and fixed Marlene's last name to 'Vlady'. Other than that, this is nothing but a repost of another fan's work.

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Head Canon Part 2!
Seeking solace
Using information from piyomon's translated summaries for more extensive headcanon.

File 5: Crisis of Krung Thep- The HRL ship Ruido had been ordered to sortie against was a supply ship like what Marlene used to hijack with her old comrades, and it had already been hijacked but those who did the hijacking had forgotten to disable the weapons, so they were taken for a threat. Ruido had taken them out just as he received a transmission saying they meant no harm, but it was too late, hence him locking himself in his room out of guilt. Marlene heard bits about the mission Ruido had been given and wondered if maybe his current mental state had something to do with her old line of work, since she had told him about it while in prison.

File 6: Ground Battle- While testing Abulhool's transforming capabilities under the influence of gravity, the Meisters came under attack of a squad of Hellions. Marlene had been having too much fun and the others were too distracted to realize their fight had moved over a small rural village. The downed Hellions virtually destroyed everything, leaving no survivors. When the battle was done, the Meisters realized what had happened and went to survey the damage. Marlene landed near a house where a teddy bear had fallen out of it to the ground, where she picks it up. Knowing that children had been there, she feels remorseful since she had taken enjoyment from shooting down the Hellions that had squished the house. On that day, she swore to herself, she would try not to put civilians in that sort of danger again.

File 7: Ian Vashti- It appears that she, Chall, and Ruido are possibly watching Ian and Joyce. It's possible that the three of them were sent to retrieve the pair for their recruitment to CB.

File 8: Joyce Moreno- Flashback will be altered so that one of the last ships Marlene hijacked was one that had already been taken over by Fon's parents through a different terrorist organization. Marlene, strapped for cash at the time, says "fuck you and your couch" and kills them both before rejacking the ship for herself.

- "Current" time, Marlene is sent off on an intervention in the AEU where a Hellion pulls a sneak attack on her, damaging the Abulhool and injuring Marlene. After they move on, the others come in and Doc Moreno is brought to the scene to help patch her up.

File 9: Birth and Death- Once Abulhool's ground testing is done, they all go back up to space. At first, she grumbles about Ruido taking over her missions, but while she was still injured she had to accept it (but it didn't make her any happier about it). She overhears him musing to himself that if he's strong enough to continue fighting, then she won't have to. However, it doesn't hit her that he's possibly doing it because he cares until she finds out he tracked down and destroyed the Hellion that had caused her injuries. She's touched by the gesture, softening considerably that she doesn't repress her feelings anymore. So much so that when he returns she admits growing feelings for him that she had been denying in the hopes they'd go away, and he admits the feelings he's had for her since first meeting her in prison. From there... well. They do some stuff that's nsfw. >:3

File 10: Chall Acustica- She starts spending more and more time with Ruido, and agrees to be married somewhere private in the HRL with only Chall (heading the ceremony) and 874 in attendance among a grove of cherry blossoms in full bloom. By this point, it's fairly noticeable that she's pregnant. With Veda's permission, Ruido had learned how to safely remove the bomb collar strapped to Marlene's neck, which he did as a sign of the love and trust he placed in Marlene, which was better than any wedding band in both their books. (since with no Wang acting as CB's financial provider, it's likely their paychecks weren't that big and most of the organization's budget went to research and development).

- A few months after the wedding, Feldt is born and Marlene accepts without too much of a fight her new status as Meister-in-Reserve, but doesn't find it so bad as Chall is put in the same position when she asks Chall to be Feldt's godmother.

- A year or so later, Chall is sent off on her solo mission and Marlene and Ruido leave Feldt in the care of Ian and Joyce while they go to assist. When the Core Fighter was ejected from Plutone, Marlene and Ruido knew they wouldn't make it back, so they said their dying words, praying for Chall, 874, and Feldt to live on. The mass concentrated amount of GN Particles vaporized Marlene and Ruido, leaving behind only Marlene's hair band and Ruido's jacket in the Abulhool and Astraea, respectively. The items were found when 874 checked the cockpits for her comrades after she and Ribbons (pilot of the 0 Gundam) retrieved all the Gundams and brought them back. The items were later given to Chall.

Head Canon
Yes, I know this is a bit scattered, but so were my thoughts when I was throwing all this together in notepad. This is all my head canon so far for Marlene Vlady of the Gundam 00P sidenovel. If I knew how to read Chinese or knew someone who can, then I probably would have more material to work with, but as it stands... no dice.


Marlene head canon



2267: born
2285: finishes mandatory education, joins up with a "terrorist" organization that hijacks HRL supply shuttles
late 2291: caught by HRL during one hijacking, admits to duration of job but not her crewmates, imprisoned while waiting for sentencing; Ruido comes on behalf of CB, but she refuses because she disagrees with their goals/views; he's only ordered to make one trip, but he's kinda taken with her despite the caustic attitude and comes back every day until she agrees on the day before her execution
early to mid 2292: saved from death penalty by finally agreeing to join CB, brought on as Gundam Meister with bomb collar and handcuffs; Chall made a Meister with Marlene as her partner; Marlene and Ruido are 25, Chall is 16
Dec. 28th 2293: Feldt's born to her and Ruido, Chall made godmother
early 2294: marries Ruido
2296: dies with Ruido in the Plutone incident, leaving Feldt an orphan and Chall scarred (physically and mentally)


Headcanon stories, etc.


born and raised in Sweden, in an area with high anti-HRL sentiment


"As soon as I got out of high school, the first thing I did was start looking for fast ways to make money. I had a friend who told me about some people who paid a lot of money for anyone willing to hijack HRL supply shuttles for their cause, so I did. Not only was the pay good, but I got some thrills and kicks out of it too. I didn't give two shits what they wanted the supplies for, all I cared about was getting my paycheck.

I did that for about seven years until one raid, they had a bunch of Tierans waiting in ambush and I was caught while my crew mates escaped with our freshly stolen goods. While I would admit to how long I had been raiding their supply shuttles, I wouldn't tell them who I had been working for or the names of my buddies. So just when they were about to throw me in prison while deciding if they should give me the death penalty or not, a slightly younger Ruido came on behalf of Celestial Being to offer me a plea bargain. I could get out of prison and avoid a death sentencing, which they were sure to give me, or join up with them and help their cause because some supercomputer called 'Veda' had said I'd be a worthy candidate.

[She paused to snort with laughter and took a quick sip of tea before continuing.]

Of course I refused because their goals were a pile of horse shit, and I told him that too. But he never gave up, even on the day before my final sentencing. So I figured, what the hell? I wouldn't mind sticking around in the world of the living for a bit longer. And that's how I eventually ended up back in space with this collar and piloting the Abulhool.

And that's my whole story."

(taken from the thread linked below)


Originally has misgivings about Chall as being some naive young girl who doesn't want to face the ugliness of the world. Also thought of Ruido as a bit of a goof, and didn't understand why he was so persistent in trying to convince her to join CB and not be executed. Doesn't have too much of a problem with Meister 874/Hanayo as she doesn't attempt to socialize with her beyond what's necessary for missions.


See this for more: http://community.livejournal.com/gundressed/38880.html (Marlene and Chall chatting in 'their' cafe.)


Somewhere around the time of her injury, she thaws up a bit to everyone. This allows for the development of her relationship with Ruido, which leads to her subsequent pregnancy and marriage. Odds are, she probably got pissed off because she couldn't fly anymore while carrying Feldt and needed the GN Drive removed from Abulhool and hidden so she could go in Abulhool and no one would need to worry she'd run off on a mission with an unborn child that wouldn't be able to handle the G-force. :|


At first, she has no faith whatsoever in her parenting skills because she was never very tolerant of other peoples' kids, but it sort of changed with Feldt. So while she was able to take good care of her daughter, she still swore around her occasionally unless Ruido caught and stopped her.




Tends to come off as caustic, bitter, and unpleasant at first to others, especially others who are with Celestial Being due to her opinion of the organization's goals and ideals (hence the bomb collar). It takes a while for her to warm up to others, some may gain her curiosity or interest faster than others. She can be a bit quick to judge at times.

Within the organization, Marlene has a lot of free time outside of the Abulhool. So she gets bored in her cell very quickly. So unless someone sees fit to let her out to stretch her legs (like Ruido once in a while) or drops by to help keep her entertained) she resorts to mischief to keep herself amused. Such as teaching a Haro to go around dropping the f-bomb constantly (and getting every Haro a language filter installed as a result).

But no matter how much she warms up to people, she has a bit of a language problem.


This may or may not be edited as I come up with more... "information". :X


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